Kerala Agricultural University - Tissue Culturist/ Biotechnologist /Microbiologist/ Farm/Project Manager/ Information Technologist - B.E./M.E B.Tech/M.Tech, B.Sc/M.Sc

Applications in prescribed word format are invited from technically qualified, skilful, talented, enthusiastic and experienced candidates having excellent academic records with more than 75% aggregate score throughout, strong aptitude for Research & Development and long term interest at this centre for the following temporary vacancies to lead the Research & Development at our research centre. 

Tissue culturist/Biotechnologist 
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Tissue culturist/Biotechnologist should design, set up and manage a world class Tissue Culture lab at the centre, undertake TC production of Banana, Pine apple and Passion fruit and achieve the targets of the research centre (30-50 thousand TC plants/year) ; supervise the biotechnology research work, associate with the overall management of the R & D activities of the centre and report the progress regularly to the station head. 

M.Sc. (Microbiology)
Microbiologist should design, set up and manage a world class Microbiology lab at the centre, culture, identify and develop control measures for the conta minating in the Tissue Culture lab and maintain it contamination free; supervise the microbiology research work, associate with the overall management of the R & D activities of the centre and report the progress regularly to the station head. The Microbiologist should be well-versed with agricultural microbiology protocols like isolation, culture, identification & control of microorganisms, common pathogens of tropical fruit crops & their control and operation of various instruments/equipment used in a microbiology lab. 

M.Sc. (Biochem/Analytical Chem.) Phytochemist/Biochemist should design, set up and manage a world class Phytochemistry lab at thecentre, undertake the regular analytical works in various projects, regularly provide the analytical data and prepare regular reports of various R & D projects and associate with the overall management of the R & D activities of the centre. Phytochemist should be well-versed with the various analytical procedures for the quality analyses of fruits suchas estimation of moisture, pH, acidity, reducing, non-reducing & total sugar, TSS, protein, fibre, fat, minerals, vitamins, aminoacids, enzymes, etc and operation of various instruments/equipment in a chemistry lab. 

Processing/Food Technologist
M.Sc. (Processing, Food Technology, Home Science) Processing/Food Technologist should design, set up
and manage a world class Fruit Processing lab with FPO Registration at the centre to function as a demonstration cum training unit for the various self-help groups in the state, produce value added products like squash, jam, syrup, etc; develop novel recipes and fruit products, undertake regular Fruit Processing tasks in various projects, regularly provide the production status, supervise the Fruit Processing research work, associate with the overall management of the R & D activities of the centre and report the progress regularly to the station head.

Information Technologist 
B.Sc./B.Tech./M.Sc./M.Tech. (IT/Computer Sci./Allied fields) Information Technologist should have excellent proficiency in Computer system maintenance, MS Office, desk top publishing (Page maker/In design), web designing (Front page/Dream weaver), photography & photo editing (Photoshop/Corel suite) , Videography & video editing (Premier) etc; should design, set up and manage a world class Infomation Communication System at the centre, 

Farm/Project Manager
B.Sc./M.Sc./Ph.D. (Agri/Hort.) Farm/Project Manager should design, set up and manage a world class research farm at the centre, supervise the various operations associated with the conduct of field experiments at NAPCL, Nadukkara and oversee the overall management of the R & D activities of the research centre and report the progress regularly to the station head.
The posts are purely temporary, expected to be cont inued, on daily wage contract basis at Rs.250- 350/day depending on the qualifications, experience, expertise and efficiency of the candidates. All procedures for selection will be as per the regulations and decision of competent authority of Kerala
Agricultural University. 

Last date for receiving application: 30 April 2013 
(Not applicable for local meritorious candidates) Please visit or for more information and our websites
km and to know more about Pineapple Research Station and its R & D
goals and activities.  

Last Date : 30 April 2013 

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